January 29, 2010

The Founding of McDonald's

Did you know McDonald's started in early 1900's by two brothers named Mac and Dick McDonald? They had a unique way of serving their customers by what we call fast-food. It was called by another name which was later changed into McDonald's. After many years, a business man by the name Ray Kroc then bought the small chain of McDonald's and it is now one of the most successful fast-food restaurant in the world with hundreds of chain restaurants in many countries.
This is how Ronald McDonald looks in the country of Thailand.

January 28, 2010

My Try At Poetry or maybe just Nursery Rhyme

The Zenith by Ben J. S. Morales

In the Great River of Fire
With its flames always in a flurry
There is a Place many Men strive to reach in a hurry
For a Great Prize may be received
But only to Those who believe
In the Great Tree of Immortality
A single bite of its Fruit one can live for eternity
This Great Tree is the Zenith
Some say It is real, to others, a myth

To cross the River of Flames, One must not be afraid
For on the Fire a Great Bridge was laid
At the Great King's Command
The Great Prince went straight at hand
To build the Bridge, it was not simple
To finish the Work, He must be humble
He completed the Work at the cost of His Life
So that everyone may have Eternal Life
Truly Great was His Sacrifice
His Great Deed alone would suffice
To Save every Man to Eternal Life

January 26, 2010

A few new drawings that I drew

I drew these three last week. I'm not sure you could call them manga but I just drew them using the techniques I learned from drawing manga, cartoon-style, and western comics style. Hope you like them.

January 22, 2010

This Is My Workplace

This is my workplace. This is where I draw, this is where I write, and this is where I dream. As you can see it is messy. I like keeping it that way, it makes me feel professional haha.

These are the pens and pencils I use to draw.

This is a few of the piles of drawing books and papers that I have. Other than drawing though I also love to write. I write short stories and long stories when I'm not drawing. "Rock Hearts" is one of the ideas that I thought up.

This is my "manga" collection. I have "manga" in the original Japanese version and also some of English translation, and some of Thai translation. If I'm not drawing or writing, I read books or comics. I also have Western comics.

January 17, 2010

Thank You!

I thank you readers for visiting my new blog and for leaving encouraging comments. I also would like to thank God for the talents that I've been given.

Thank you!

January 15, 2010

Some Artwork I've Done Last Year

This one's called the Warrior. I drew him last August I think.This guy doesn't have a name yet. If you want you can name him. Just post some of your ideas in the comments.
My first try at drawing robots the "manga" way. I think it worked out just fine. What do you think?
This one's called the Punch! It was just one of my experiment at drawing characters in action.
This guy, I drew him just for the sake of looking at a person carrying a lot of swords Haha.

And these are just a few of them I drew last year. I have lots more, Piles more. I'll try and post a few more later. Hope you like 'em!

January 10, 2010

My "Manga" Project

This will be my very first attempt to draw and write a manga. To those who do not know what manga is; it is a japanese-style of comic art and is quite popular around the world, especially in Asia. This manga is called Rock Heart. It is still not finished but I hope when it is, it will be awesome. It is an adventure, comedy story about a young boy with the rare ability to revive statues or golems using the rare artifact Rock Heart.This is the first page. As you can see it is not yet finished. The whole manga would hopefully be at least 50 pages but it will take some time since I still have school and I'm the only one drawing but I will finish it as soon as I can.